List of Movies

Adams Family, The (’73 Animated)
Advance to the Rear (Turner)
Agony and the Ecstasy (Fox)
Ally McBeal (Fox)
American Dream, An (Warner Bros)
Americathon (Warner Bros)
Any Wednesday (Warner Bros)
Ash Wednesday (Paramount)
Assignment to Kill (Warner Bros)
Austin Powers (Juno Entertainment)
Author Author (Fox)
Being There (Warner Bros)
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (Fox)
Big Bounce, the (Warner Bros)
Big Hand For A Little Lady (Warners)
Blacula (MGM & UA)
Blast From The Past (Avery Pix)
Breaking Up (Warner Bros.)
Brewster McCloud (Turner)
Bronx Tale, A (Savoy Pix)
Busting MGM & UA)
Butterflies Are Free (Columbia)
Caddyshack (Warner Bros)
Casper (Universal)
Casper & the Space Angels (UI)
Casper’s first Christmas (Turner)
Casper’s Halloween (Turner)
Charlottes Web (Paramount)

China Beach (Warner Bros)
Chips 2 (Turner)
Chisum (Warner Bros)
Chomps (MGM & UA)
Cleopatra (‘63 Fox)
Come Blow Your Horn (Paramount)
Contact (Warner Bros)
Corky (Turner)
Crazy In Alabama (Columbia)
Dharma & Greg (Fox)
Dirty Harry, Crazy Larry (Fox)
Disorderly Orderley (Paramount)
Election (Paramount)
Exercist, The (Warner Bros)
Extraordinary Seaman, (Turner)
Flare Up (Turner)
Flight of the Phoenix (Fox)
Freaky Friday (Disney)
Get Yourself a College Girl (Turner)
Grand Prix (Turner)
Greatest, the (Turner)
Guide For A Married Man (Fox)
Gypsy (Warner Bros)
Hand Of Death (Fox)
Hang Em High (MGM & UA)
Hey There It’s Yogi Bear (Turner)
Hong Kong Phooey (Turner)
Hooper (Warner Bros)

Hud (Paramount)
I’m Gonna Get You Sucka (MGM )
Ice Castles (Columbia)
Joy Ride (MGM)
Ladies Man (Paramount)
Last Detail, The (Columbia)
Last of the Secret Agents (Paramount)
Legend of Nigger Charley (Paramount)
Live a Little, Love a Little (Turner)
Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny (Warners)
M.A.S.H. ’72 thru ’82 seasons (Fox)
Making Love (Fox)
Mary Jane (MGM & UA)
Mexican, The (Dreamworks)
Midnight Madness (Disney)
Music Man, The (Warner Bros)
My Girl (Columbia)
Norwood (Paramount)
One On One (Warner Bros)
Opening Night (Faces Ditrib.)
Operation Eichmann (Warner Bros)
Out Of Sight (’66 Universal)
Paris When It Sizzles (Paramount)
Paris Blues (Paramount)
Patton (Fox)
Peeper AKA Fat Chance (’75 Fox)
Prez Family, The (MGM & UA)
Practical Magic (Waner Bros)
Rabbit Run (Warner Bros)
Replacements, The (Warner Bros)
Report to The Commissioner (MGM )

Salzburg Connection, The (Fox )
Scooby Goes to Hollywood (Turner)
Seven Minutes (Fox )
Shaft (’71 MGM )
Shirt Tales ( Turner )
Shoes of the Fisherman (Turner )
Sinatra (TVM) (Warner Bros)
Snoopy Come Home (Paws Prod.)
Speedway (Turner)
Stand Up and Be Counted (Columbia)
Starting Over (Paramount)
Steel (Davis-Panzer Prod.)
Streets of San Francisco (Paramount)
Thank God It’s Friday (Columbia)
Things Are Tough All Over (Columbia)
THX 1138 (Warner Bros.)
Tony Rome (Fox)
Vertical Limit (Columbia)
Villain (’79 Columbia)
Viva Las Vegas (Turner )
Von Ryans Express (Fox )
W.U.S.A. (Paramount )
Waiting to Exhale (Fox )
Wanda Nevada (MGM & UA )
Way We Were, The (Columbia )
When Harry Met Sally (Columbia )
Which Way To The Front (Warner Bros
Will & Grace (NBC/TPI )
Will Penny (Paramount )
Young At Heart (Warner Bros )
11th Victim, The (Paramount )